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Don’t give “age” a chance – check it out for yourself from October 2020

Stem Cell Ampoule:

This combination of different extracts of the Jiaogoulan plant (Far Eastern “immortality herb”, “female ginseng”; Gynostemma pentaphyllum), as well as the antioxidant active cistus (Western “plant of beauty”; Cistus incanus) result in this composition the ideal anti-aging concentrate.

While female ginseng can play a decisive role in activating epidermal lipid synthesis and is thus responsible for regenerating and strengthening the damaged skin barrier, the antioxidant extract of cistus – a plant with an exceptionally high polyphenol content – supports the weakened antioxidative defense system of mature skin.

This combination of a skin barrier-strengthening and a plant extract that protects against reactive oxygen shows a noticeable effect against the signs of mature skin such as lack of water, wrinkle depth, skin roughness as well as loss of elasticity and firmness after approx. 4 weeks of application.

Psst…Insider tip – discover our new products with bakuchiol

Bakuchiol is a natural active ingredient derived from the seeds of the Babchi plant. In traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, this plant has been used as a remedy for numerous skin problems since a long time. For example, impurities, it has a strong antimicrobial effect – that means, bad bacteria are effectively eliminated.

Nowadays, various scientific studies have proven that bakuchiol is also effective in smoothing wrinkles and preventing new wrinkles. Its principle of action is similar to retinol, its unique plant active ingredients can stimulate collagen synthesis to achieve anti-aging effects. Because it is collagen, that supports our skin to maintain elasticity. As we age, collagen loses, the skin slowly sags, and the first wrinkles occur. In short, the sooner you start using creams, the easier it will be for your skin to stay firm and elastic.

In addition, the collagen in the skin is constantly attacked by free radicals. However, bakuchiol is also a potent antioxidant like classic retinol, effectively fighting free radicals. Its pure natural ingredients not only irritate or dry the skin, but also creams rich in bakuchiol can effectively alleviate external symptoms of inflammatory reactions.

Here, too, like the classic retinol, bakuchiol is an effective antioxidant against the troublemakers. Only that the natural plant active ingredient does not irritate or dry out the skin. To be honest, why should chemical clubs be preferred to those who make beautiful things that grow naturally in meadows and fields?

Let us convince you of our 4 new products with bakuchiol

Neck-& Decolleté Fluid: This fluid is specially developed for the neck & décolleté area, is quickly absorbed and visibly provides more elasticity. Exquisite active ingredients provide an optimal level of moisture and care. Shea butter and apricot kernel oil nourish the skin richly and intensely and hyaluronic acid provides the necessary moisture supply. * Available since May

Bakuchiol Hydro Effect Mask: This gel mask is the Ferrari of the anti-aging face masks! With an effective combination of natural bakuchiol extract and hydrating or moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, the mask provides a unique care experience.

Cream with Bakuchiol: for dry or very dry skin. It contains BAKUCHIOL. Other active substances such as licorice root extract, macadamia oil, wheat germ oil, urea and sorbitol provide the skin with sufficient moisture and can have a smoothing effect on the skin. The cream is also suitable for the regeneration of thinning, mature and UV light damaged skin.

Bakuchiol Eye Cream: Rich eye cream for dehydrated or dry skin. The basis of this eye cream is plant-based, non-greasy oils, such as wheat germ oil and macadamia oil.

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Enzymatic peeling with sunflower oil   NEW since 02.2020

Have you heard and used our enzyme peeling? We have been carrying this in our program for over 10 years, now and finally our laboratory has made it possible to substitute the mineral oil with botanical components. This new enzyme peeling has been thoroughly tested positive by various cosmeticians and will therefore replace the previous enzyme peeling.

This O/W emulsion is for sensitive skin and for the gentle reduction of sebum. With regular use, sebum formation can be normalized and help to prevent impurities such as spots and blackheads. The basis of this creamy peeling is yeast extract, sunflower oiland vegetable glycerine. These ingredients have an antibacterial effect, clarify and promote the absorption of the following active ingredients.

Daily Beard Oil

Your beard’s got a hard life, so be good to him. Actually, you only need two things for a satisfied beard: some love and our vegan beard oil with 9 different vegetable oils for the daily care of the beard and the skin. Through the application the itching can be reduced, the hair becomes soft and supple and provides a pleasant shine.
Application With a three-day beard distribute 2 to 3 drops, short to medium full beards 4 to 5 drops in the hands and distribute on skin and hair.


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